Q: Instead of buying the 20 gallon long tank for my new baby can’t I just put my new baby in a 55 gallon tank?

A: There are several reasons why a 20 gallon long tank is recommended for a baby dragon. One is the UVB factor. Babies grow very fast and need the UVB all day. Placing a branch in the tank doesn’t do it since the baby bearded dragon doesn’t know he needs UVB or for how long. The UVB needs to be placed so that, no matter where the baby is in the cage, that UVB is within theraputic range. 55 gallon tanks are too tall. Another reason for the 20 gallon long tank is to allow the baby to locate prey. Crickets will automatically run to the dark side of the tank to get away from the light on the basking bulb. Yet where do dragons spend much of their time? Under the basking light. in a large tank, the baby doesn’t see the prey. We have found that a 20 gallon long tank is just the right size for the baby to eat well and maintain a healthy growth rate.