New To Beardies – Caring For A Bearded Dragon

It is always a bit scary when something’s life depends on your ability to learn what makes them happiest and what keeps them alive. You have to do all of this with nothing other than a few head bobs from your beardie. They have that strange twist-of-the-head look that says, “Are you sure you know what you are doing?”

There are a few things to start off with, without a doubt. Make sure you read through this site and keep a reputable supplier on hand – we have take care of that for you. The second thing is to have a herp vet in your phonebook.

A herp vet isn’t someone we are recommending to run to often, however when you need one, it won’t be the time to be hunting for one. Not everyone has one in town. If you are having trouble finding a herp vet, call your local zoo and ask who they use. We found that our zoos usually outsource when it comes to lizard expertise.

We recently took our little guy to the herp vet to get him checked out. We were fearful something was wrong because he hadn’t eaten in awhile. It turned out that our early determination was incorrect and our little guy happen to be a little girl. Our little girl was ovulating which causes a decrease in appetite. All we can say to that is wow or maybe more appropriately, oops!