Taking Bearded Dragons Outside

When the weather reaches at least 85* Fahrenheit and not more than 120* Fahrenheit, people tend to move outside and do more things outdoors. Just as natural UV light is good for people, it is also GREAT for your bearded dragon. Even though we have had some significant advances with UV bulbs, nothing is as beneficial to your bearded dragon as natural UV from the sun.

Beardies love to soak up natural UV rays. It is healthy for them both physically and mentally. Going outdoors heightens their senses as they become more aware of their surroundings. There are a few guidelines that should be adhered when domesticated bearded dragons are taken outdoors.

First and extremely important, is not to put your dragon in a glass aquarium outside. UV rays do not go through glass that has not been specially treated to allow for UV transmission. Also, the glass magnifies heat from lights. The incoming sunlight heat gets tripled and slowly over heats your dragon and can cause serious complications. In essence, you would be cooking your beardie. A wire mesh viv is ideal to give your dragon an area to hang out and catch some natural rays.

When motivated, bearded dragons are extremely fast if they want to go somewhere. There are leashes on the market that fit them or you can make your own. You need to ensure you have control of your beardie and not let him/her roam freely. If you do, you could very well lose your precious little one to the outdoors.

Another concern is predators. A bird of prey can swoop in and grab an unattended dragon in a heartbeat. As referenced above, you can use a wire mesh viv, hold your dragon or use a leash. But make certain if your dragon is outside you are as well.

Wild insects are another danger for your dragon. Make certain not to give your dragon the chance to capture wild bugs. If the bug has pesticides on it or bacteria it can make your dragon very sick. Also, spiders are a big no no. Never let your bearded dragon grab a spider outside and keep him away from lightning bugs as they are deadly to dragons.

One hour of sunlight is equal to a full day under a megaray UV light (MVB). That’s how awesome sunlight is. Your dragon will be more active and healthy if given the chance to absorb natural UV even once per week. They love it. It’s summer now so get out there and enjoy the outdoors some. Now you have a great reason to do it.