Types of Bearded Dragons

There are several different types of bearded dragons native to Australia. Bearded dragons are of the genus Pogona, the subfamily Agamidae, and class Reptilia.

Agamid, also known as “Dragon Lizards”, are a family of reptiles in the order Squamata. This family of lizards includes approx 300 species that are distributed throughout Asia, Australia and Africa.

The most common species of bearded dragons is the Inland (or Central) Bearded Dragon which is the most often found at pet stores or pet shops. Below we will explore different types of bearded dragons:

Inland Bearded Dragon

Also known as central bearded dragon; this is the bearded dragon that is found in the pet stores. When bearded dragons are referred to in books and other material this is the bearded dragon type they are usually referring to.

In the pet industry today, many inland bearded dragons are bred in captivity as they are easy to breed and keep. Due to the massive breeding by many professional breeders due to the high demand of the market, the market is quite saturate in certain regions in the United States, and lower pricing lately in the pet reptile industry and making them readily available and affordable for many bearded dragon enthusiasts.

To help you in recognizing this type of bearded dragon, just keep in mind that this species has a pair of distinctive spot on the neck base. This can be seen on inland / central bearded dragons only. The reason for the popularity of this reptile is that they are docile, friendly and interact with humans quite well.

Coastal Bearded Dragon

This types of bearded dragon is much duller and darker colored than the inland bearded dragon which is more common in the pet community. They are also a more difficult to tame bearded dragon species. This is why they are not found in pet stores frequently.

Rankin Bearded Dragon

This species of bearded dragon is also very hard to find available due to their small size only about 13 inches and very few bearded dragon breeders and suppliers sell this type of beardie.

We have explore the most popular types of Bearded Dragons in this article and will soon have information on bearded dragon morphs too.