Ask The Pro

Q: How do you keep crickets alive? Mine died and they stink.

A: We use a very large CLEAR plastic tub from Wal-mart. No Lid. When crickets arrive for your bearded dragon(s), open the box, flip it over and dump the whole thing into the bin, egg crate and all. The crickets … more

Q: Instead of buying the 20 gallon long tank for my new baby can’t I just put my new baby in a 55 gallon tank?

A: There are several reasons why a 20 gallon long tank is recommended for a baby dragon. One is the UVB factor. Babies grow very fast and need the UVB all day. Placing a branch in the tank doesn’t do … more

Q: My dragon is sitting on his basking rock with his mouth open. Should I be worried?

A: Gaping is the term for what you describe. Gaping is part of the thermoregulation process and very normal. The dragon is expressing excess heat through his mouth.

Q: What is a good incubator for a hobby breeder?

A: The Hovabator by Georgia Quail Farm is a nice hobby level hatcher.

Q: I got a few babies back in September and had them together while I was setting up cages. One of the babies nipped the other and now the one is missing a foot. Any advice?

A: I’m sorry to hear that. I am sure you feel terrible. We keep babies separated from the time they are about 2-3 weeks of age. Even as well fed as the babies are here, agression can happen fast. We … more

Q: I read a lot of conflicting information. What substrate do you use?

A: To maintain the highest level of hygiene, we use paper towels. When a dragon reaches subadult or adult size we have successfully used Zoo Med’s Repti-Sand in White only. We only recommend White since we have witnessed babies eating … more

Q: How much of my dragon’s diet should be veggies and how much should be bugs?

A: We feed babies at a ratio of 90% crickets/phoenix worms/baby silkworms and 10% leafy greens. Once the dragon reaches 16″ in total length, we gradually start adding shredded squash, thin fresh greens beans and other foods. There is a … more

Q: Does my dragon need a heat lamp at night?

A: Bearded Dragons need a nightime drop in temperature. But if the room where you keep your dragon falls below 67 at night, it makes sense to run a red lamp to bring the temp up to 70 or 72 … more

Q: What is the best substrate?

A: We use paper towels on babies which is very easy to clean and prevents babies from swallowing sand with crickets. We have used Repti-Sand in Desert White on adults with no impaction problems when tested over a 4 year … more

Q: All of my crickets died and stink. What did I do wrong?

A: Keep crickets in a large, CLEAR storage tub using NO LID. Wal-Mart sells huge Sterilite tubs that work great. It needs to be tall and much larger than you would think. When the crickets arrive, open the box, flip … more