Types of Bearded Dragons

There are several different types of bearded dragons native to Australia. Bearded dragons are of the genus Pogona, the subfamily Agamidae, and class Reptilia. Agamid, also known as “Dragon Lizards”, are a family of reptiles in the order Squamata. This … more

Discoid Roach (Blaberus Discoidalis) Care Sheet

Blaberus discoidalis (Discoid Roach) caresheet We also have dubia roaches from blaptica dubia roaches – feeder roaches for sale. **Please note that Blaberus discoidalis are illegal to keep in Florida** Discoid Roaches are a great feeder roach for feeding bearded … more

Lobster Roach (Nauphoeta Cinerea) Care Sheet

Nauphoeta cinerea (Lobster Roach) Caresheet **Please note that Nauphoeta cinerea are illegal to keep in Florida** Lobster roaches are a great feeder choice for bearded dragon food. Lobster Roaches (general/facts): Lobster Roaches (Nauphoeta cinerea) are live-bearing tropical roaches native to … more

Bearded Dragon Genus And Habitat

The bearded dragon is a lizard and lizards are a species of reptile. There are a number of species and subspecies of bearded dragons but the species that is most commonly found, as a household pet is the Pogona Vitticeps … more

Introduction To Bearded Dragons

Exotic pets may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you knew anything about the bearded dragon lizard then you might change your mind. If you are not averse to reptiles then you will find that the bearded dragon … more

Bearded Dragon Substrate / Bedding

Substrates have become an extremely controversial topic. Opinions vary with experience and skill. Below we discuss bearded dragon accessories the possible substrates along with the pros and cons of each one. Baby/Juvenile (0-12 months) Babies are best kept on a … more

Bearded Dragon Behavior

The bearded dragon is so called because of its ability to puff out a pouch in its throat. The pouch has prominent spikes on the scales which when puffed gives the effect of a having a beard. The beard can … more

New To Beardies – Caring For A Bearded Dragon

It is always a bit scary when something’s life depends on your ability to learn what makes them happiest and what keeps them alive. You have to do all of this with nothing other than a few head bobs from … more

Bearded Dragon General Information

Bearded Dragon Caresheet PLEASE NOTE All information in this caresheet has come from our personal experience and/or research. Many ‘opinions’, in many areas of care, vary from one person to another and can be controversial. Please remember though, these are … more

Bearded Dragon Feeding – Why Am I Not Eating?

In the 2 ½ years we have been beardie owners, we have undergone a rollercoaster of events with ours. That first year was so stressful because of all the information that is out there and all the warnings that our … more