Housing Multiple Bearded Dragons

Inevitably, most people who purchase a bearded dragon fall completely in love with the little creature. This is mostly due to the amazing disposition of the bearded dragon. Their personality and charm get the best of dedicated owners. One issue … more

Bearded Dragon Sickness

Bearded dragon lizards make great pets. While bearded dragons are generally healthy they can get an illness and if this happens when they are in the wild they may not last long. As pets, bearded dragons will often try to … more

Bearded Dragon Lighting Requirements

Bearded dragon lizards are hardy little reptiles and their sunny temperament means that they make for a great pet. In its natural habitat the bearded dragon is found in areas where there is a lot of natural light. Not only … more

Sexing A Bearded Dragon

When a bearded dragon is young it is often very difficult to ascertain what sex they might be. The body proportions of males and females are different. Male dragons tend to have a large head in comparison to their body … more

Breeding Bearded Dragons

One of the most enjoyable species I’ve bred is the bearded dragon. From the day they hatch, until their growth at 6 weeks, it’s an adventure. That is not to say that breeding is all fun and games. It comes … more

Taking Bearded Dragons Outside

When the weather reaches at least 85* Fahrenheit and not more than 120* Fahrenheit, people tend to move outside and do more things outdoors. Just as natural UV light is good for people, it is also GREAT for your bearded … more

Bearded Dragon Impaction – Why Am I Not Pooping?

We have had a lot of concerns over the poop habits of our Beardie. We’ve read and read all kind of articles and fact sheets. Only to find out that there is a general lack of consistency among the articles. … more

Understanding Your Bearded Dragon

Unlike iguanas, monitors, water dragons, and the flightier lizards of the exotic pet trade, bearded dragons tend to enjoy human contact and to be handled by humans. As a by-product, bearded dragons are a suitable reptile for younger children (always … more

General Care and Maintenance of Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon: Facts & Advice on Care and Breeding